Lava Tube

Lava Tube

Hike and explore one the longest Lava Caves in Samoa right outside of Matareva!

This Lava tube is something else! Here you can admire the volcanic past of the Samoan islands. With several lava formations and tunnels, you will marvel at the direction of the path of the lava flow. Throughout the cave you will find evidence of ancient human activity and remnants of the past.

Today we still find tools that the people who lived in this cave 700 years ago used to survive. Maybe you will find some too!

Tours can be arranged with one of our guides who will explain a few facts about this massive lava cave. The cave is 6 meters high which means even the tallest basketball player can walk it! There is a small entrance where you will have to take care of your step, other than that it is an easy hike.

There is still much to be explored and discovered as no-one has never made the journey where it stops!!

WHAT TO BRING: wear hiking shoes, bring water and a torch. You can also borrow a torch from the reception. Do bring a camera but note that it is humid in the cave and drops of water frequently fall down. Your shoes might get a bit muddy.

 PRICE: 25 Tala per person (minimum 4 people)



Entrance Cave   People in Cave   A side tube.    

Side Tube   Inside the tubes   The exit from inside.    

Climbing out.   Climbing out      Kids can do it!

Jaw bone of a pig.   Jaw bone of a pig.   Jaw bone of a pig.