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Sunday Umu

Sunday Umu

Join us for a traditional Samoan lunch. The UMU!

The Lonely Planet describes: "On Sunday morning you'll find the islands shrouded in smoke as villagers everywhere light fires to warm stones needed for the Umu (ground ovens) used to bake toona'i (Sunday lunch)."

After breakfast our staff starts preparing the traditional lunch. Feel free to have a look at how they do this! 
Our kitchen staff will create additional dishes that they serve buffet-style. This usually includes baked fish and other seafood, octopus cooked in coconut milk, suckling pig, baked breadfruit, salads and our home specialty: PALUSAMI (coconut cream wrapped in taro leaves). 

For this labor intensive lunch we ask our guests 40 Tala per person.

Cleaning the fish for the UMU.  The family is cleaning the fish for the UMU.   Steamed octopus and palusami.   

Adding breadfruit to the UMU.   Covering up the food with banana-tree leafes.   Making sure the food is well covered.   

The food is ready and will be removed from the traditional oven.   Matareva Beach Fales makes excellent Umu's.   Guests enjoying our Umu.