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Savaia Giant Clams

Savaia Giant Clams

Explore the numerous clam species that exist in the coral reefs of Samoa!

Giant Clams are huge, sessile creatures living in the shallow areas of the marine coral reefs.  They're located withing a village marine protected area. The giant clams look spectacular, not just because of their imposing size but also due to the multitude of their bright coloursof their mantels. The average lifespan of a giant clam in its natural habitat is more than 100 years. 

Tours can be arranged with one of our guides, who will take you on the tour and we will provide you with snorkelling gear.

BEWARE: Do not touch the Giant Clams as they will close their shells quickly!

WHAT TO BRING: Wear swimsuit, bring water, waterproof camera, towel, and dry clothes.