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About us

About us

The Lonely planet explains: 'Aiga, or extended family groupings, are the heart of the fa'a Samoa. The larger an 'aiga, the more powerul it is, and to be part of a powerful 'aiga is the goal of all tradition-minded Samoans. Each 'aiga is headed by a Matai, who represents the family on the fono (village council)."

The owner of Matareva Beach Fales is also a Matai (which means chief). His name is Togialelei Tavita Faletoese, married to Fiauu Faletoese. Tavita, his wife and 5 children live on the property since October 2015. With a group of hardworking locals they take care of this village owned property. 

Their ultimate dream is that this accommodation will create more jobs for the people in the village. High-school drop-outs and handicaped youth will be offered a job here! Tavita and Fiauu will educate these youngsters to become professionals in the hospitality industry. The locals will benefit from the success of Matareva Beach Fales.

As of the 22nd of November 2016, The crew of Matareva Beach Fales have earned their official status of Beach Fale Accommodation. They worked extremely hard to obtain the licence for 2017. Kitchen hygiene was upgraded, new sanitary facilites were built, the property was cleaned and safety rules were met. The governement members who were here to standardise the accommodation left impressed and came back the same day to enjoy a freshly prepared lunch with us.

Do you happen to be at Matareva Beach Fales on the 22nd of November?
Each year the staff will celebrate their official licence on that day by organising a staff-only beach party. Be prepared to experience some extremely loud music, cold beers and dancing on the beach by our staff. And don't be surprised if you are invited to join us.


Staff December 2016